AI Kickstart.

Activate the potential of AI in your operations with our Kickstart Program, designed for immediate impact.

1. Develop an AI strategy – what can AI do for our company?​

Generate interest and expand AI knowledge within the management team.
Start with the company’s overall objectives and needs and form a strategy for if and how how AI can help achieve them.​

2. Formulate an AI policy – how are we allowed to use AI?​

Provide guidance on development of an AI policy that clarifies its usage, tackling legal, ethical, data privacy, security, and responsibility issues.​

3. Create employee engagement through an inspirational lecture​

Increase employee understanding of the technology and provide a basis for communicating the AI strategy and policy.

4. Act on the strategy, e.g.​

Conduct practical exercises on how AI can be utilized to optimize daily operations​.
Execute pilot programs​.
Adapt workflows and processes based on based on the capabilities AI.