About Us.​

We are committed to achieve better results together.


We exist because we are a trustworthy partner committed to our partners success while being easy to collaborate with.


We are the most trustworthy partner that continuously delivering the right quality at the right time.

We provide services within AI, project management and business development. Our expertise lies in highly regulated markets.​

Our goal is to be proud of what we achieve together while enjoying the process.
We’re proud when the result is of the right quality at the right time.
We enjoy the process when it’s structured, and collaborations are meaningful. Meaningful collaborations are when teams are engaged and supports each other towards a common goal.


Our ambition is to reduce resource use and to minimize the company’s contribution to climate change from activities and products.

Company information.

Registration No. 559474-4889
VAT No. SE 559474488901
The company possesses a F-tax card (registered for corporation taxation)
Bankgiro: 490-6111


Daniel Karlsson

Experienced project leader with passion to empowering individuals and organizations to achieve their objectives through the pillars of transparency, efficiency, and trust. With a robust background in the life sciences-, technical-, and IT sectors, Daniels career spans various roles within companies of different sizes and stages of their development journey.

Martin Tilly​

Described as a hardworking and result-driven person, with a strong track record of managing several strategic corporate projects at international companies. Martin loves to deliver result through inspiring others to join up towards a common goal.

We started 12 years ago.

The history became the future.​

The journey started 12 years ago when Daniel Karlsson and Martin Tilly joined forces developing technical solutions to improve cross continental transportation of pharmaceuticals, by connecting sensors in airplane containers.
Thereafter they continued to develop a system to analyze the sensor data to improve the quality within the pharma market. All this development was within two of the toughest regulated markets – aviation and life science. To support even more companies within highly regulated markets, Daniel and Martin founded a consultancy firm offering technical project management, which grew successfully.
When AI got to the point where companies could utilize it to become more efficient, Daniel and Martin started to explore its possibilities and TOKSTARK was founded.

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